One Framework to help Software Engineers accomplish more Everyday

As a software engineer, it’s easy to be busy and accomplish very little.

Even though you have plans and commitments, there are many demands on your time. Along with product development and maintenance work, you are responsible for supporting your team. Additionally, external teams may reach out and request support at any time.

As a result, I learned to ask myself one question.

What 3-Things can I accomplish that will make my day a success?

3-Daily-Tasks is a framework where you select 3 tasks to focus on for the day. Each task should take 1–2 hours of focused concentration and deliver value to yourself, your team, or the company.

As an individual, the 3-Daily-Tasks framework gives you the following benefits as well.

#1. You have clarity on what success is

By setting 3-Daily-Tasks, you define what a successful day will look like. If you don’t accomplish your 3-Daily-Tasks, then you can adjust and reset for tomorrow.

#2. You clarify your priorities for the day

By setting your 3-Daily-Tasks, you set your priorities for the day. As a result, you also deprioritize other things that may come up. If something urgent comes up, you can swap it with one of your daily tasks.

#3. You set clear delivery expectations

Defining and sticking with your 3-Daily-Tasks is all it takes to accomplish more every day.

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